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Renergia GmbH
Niederlassung Deutschland
Dipl.Kfm. Joachim Kirchner
Buschhauser Weg 33
58513 Lüdenscheid
Tel: +49(0)2351-676061

Your alternative for management and reorganization

Interim Management

Interim management for accounting according to HGB and IFRS, organization of Inter­company accounting, contract management for services of external suppliers.
Knowledge of the current subsidies for the use of renewable energies, treatment of feed-in tariffs and other business processes arising in the field of renewable energies. Profitability calculations for the use of combined heat and power plants.


Bridging of personal vacancies in the execution of insolvency accounting, status notifications for creditors and law firms, preparation of a liquidity forecast, valuation of assets, liquidation and settlement of subsidiaries.


Services for branch offices and business units in Germany and Poland: brokerage of accounting and tax consulting companies, leasing of office and storage space, selection of leasing partners for business equipment and tele­communication, translation works.


E.ON Business Service:

Engagement in the Contract Management department, the interface between procurement and invoicing of external IT services. Coordination of the partial acceptance by project management with the milestones in the contracts. Prolongation of the proposals. Setting contract data in SAP MM and coordinating open deliveries and services with project managers and purchasing.

Engagement for a holding company in Cologne:

Restructuring of intercompany relationships. Inclusion of the supply and service relationships of a hotel chain to its umbrella organization.
Extension of the existing account plan, documentation of the service agreements and coordination of the organizational chart with the tax department. Training of the employees for the registration, account assignment and the monthly coordination of the business transactions.

Reorganization and settlement of subsidiaries on behalf of the insolvency administrator:

Inclusion of the current status and analysis of the future viability for individual companies. Coordination of the financial needs of the activities. Supervision of the sale of the assets also abroad. Preparation of the liquidation balance in cooperation with the bookkeeping offices and submission of the final tax declarations in Germany and abroad.

Economic efficiency calculations for the use of combined heat and power (CHP) plants:

Support for the distribution of a project company in Berlin. Calculation of economic efficiency for installations of power class 5.0 Kv - 20.0 Kv electrical energy. Preparation of the information about the current subsidies according to the KWK law.

About us

Renergia GmbH, located in 58513, Lüdenscheid, is in operation since September 2013.

Renergia GmbH is the German subsidiary of Renergia Sp.zo.o., which was already established in Poland in April 2012 in the region of Koszalin.

We are a German-Polish business management and had been managed a Polish service company for the servicing of wind power plants in Poland for several years. We speak German, Polish and English. All contracts in Germany are concluded under German law.

Our customers today are companies of various sizes and legal forms. We assume temporary tasks in the financial sector in the form of interim management.

In the field of insolvency proceedings, it is mainly law firms that seek commercial assistance in the conduct of insolvency proceedings.

The interim management and the supervision of the insolvency proceedings are carried out by myself or, in individual cases, to qualified partners.

We offer our services in Germany and Poland mainly through our long-term business partners.